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Who We Are

LMD Designs is a creative design firm committed to innovative brand-building. We specialize in the development of logo and visual systems, typography, identity guidelines, website and interactive design, letterhead, business cards, presentations, collateral, posters, exhibitions, and retail environments. From brand idea to implementation, LMD Designs provides all the services you need to develop a strong brand image.


High-end design is a result of innovation, creativity and conceptual thinking.

People respond to good design. Design is an opportunity to communicate your ideas and affect how people develop a relationship with your company, product or service. LMD Designs’ core philosophy is that effective design communicates your ideas in such a way as to create an emotional connection that transcends language and cultural differences.


Listen and learn.

Our creative process is founded on the essential element of listening. We know that a deep understanding of client goals and challenges is essential to developing a successful creative solution.

We gain additional insight from an exploration of trends, competition, and related practices. Developing and refining a lucid concept after much learning and input is a rigorous and intuitive process that distills several elements into a coherent and well-defined brief.

For us, transforming an intangible concept by breathing life into design is a gratifying act in which we invest our imagination and commitment. From fonts to images - every choice is deliberate. At LMD Designs, we are dedicated to integrating your voice into a powerful design that resonates and communicates.

Great concepts, articulate messages, and awe-inspiring solutions. That is the LMD Designs formula for success that we want to share with you.

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